Since Junior Rogue, I’ve put what I learned to use. I’ve begun marketing myself and have gained hundreds of followers on all platforms. A highlight of my streaming experience after Junior Rogue is that Jordan Fisher, who I had only ever seen on the TV screen before, came into my stream and practically sent me to twitch con. I got to meet him there, along with Lupo and my mentors at Junior Rogue. An experience I never thought I would have until Junior Rogue opened my eyes on the potential. One of my favorite experiences in Junior Rogue definitely was the tournaments with Lupo commentating, it just made it all feel so surreal and like it was actually something we could take as a career path and be successful in. As a 13 year old girl in the gaming/esports community I never really thought I would’ve been able to take streaming as far as I could. But here I am now 14. Over 2,000 Twitch followers, 1,000+ Twitter followers with a steady audience.

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