Vikkstar on his plans for growing Call of Duty esports

Courtesy of BBC.
By Steffan Powell and Manish Pandey

With nearly seven million YouTube subscribers, Vikkstar knows a thing or two about popularity.

The content creator, real name Vikram Singh Barn, has joined Call of Duty esports team London Royal Ravens as a co-owner and says he wants to help grow the professional league.

The 25-year-old tells BBC Sounds gaming podcast Press X To Continue that he wants to help “bridge the gap” between content creators, esports and the audience.

“It’s helping them build what they’re doing, because esports is huge. But often in the past, there hasn’t been an overlap with the other things.”

A member of YouTube collective Sidemen alongside other British vloggers such as KSI and Behzinga, Vik has been creating content for over 10 years.

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